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Corporate Massage

2 hands Corporate Massage Services and Pricing

The Two Hands Corporate Massage team provides a personalised and premium workplace massage program for large and small businesses across Australia. 

Our most popular treatments are the 15 minute seated massages, however we also offer shorter 5 and 10-minute sessions at workstations, and longer seated or table massages for 20 or 30-minute duration.

Treatments are conducted on ergonomic chairs or massage tables through clothing; a more suitable method in the business arena. Shiatsu sessions focus on trigger points in the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands, all areas that store stress and tension, resulting in pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

Our experienced, highly skilled and friendly therapists visit offices during business hours. All of our fantastic therapists are fully qualified, certified and hold current indemnity and public liability insurance. Private health care receipts are available on request.

Pricing is $74 per hour plus GST with reduced pricing when a regular corporate massage program is implemented. There is a three-hour minimum booking per session, which equates to 12 x 15 minute or 6 x 30 minute treatments. 

There are a few options available with regards to paying for the program. The program can be fully funded by the company, or we have subsidised options whereby the cost is shared between the company and employee. Finally employees can cover the full cost of the treatments with salary sacrifice and user pays options.

We accept direct deposit, all major credit cards and AMEX.

Due to one of our client’s national growth, we rose to the challenge and thrillingly now offer our premier service in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.  

We can also set up a survey to gauge staff interest in corporate massage at work. Email for more information.


Please call, or email to find out how 2 Hands Corporate Massage can personalise a package suitable for your your team or organisation.  

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