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Health and wellness programs like seated massage are a great return on investment (ROI) saving a company an average of $5.81 for every $1 invested.


‘We have been using Two Hands for our staff massage for 8 years and have found their therapists to be reliable and very skilled. They are very attentive to their clients individual needs and our staff look forward to starting off their working week with a visit from their therapist’

Melanie, The Body Shop

Welcome to 2 Hands Corporate Massage.

The mission at 2 Hands Corporate Massage is to provide the very best seated massage service. We have a fabulous team of fully qualified and insured therapists. Combined with an online booking system, it makes booking a session day or regular program worry free and simple.

2 Hands Corporate Massage 5-30 minute sessions relax and revitalise body and mind. Regular treatments can also eliminate persistent pain and tension. Statistics show that regular treatments may also improve corporate culture and boost office morale.  Other positive changes include increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’.

Watch Our Short Corporate Massage Demonstration by clicking the video link below.

De-stress And Rejuvenate Your Team.

Implementing a 2 Hands Corporate Massage program is preventative medicine, creating and maintaining healthy and loyal employees. And happy, less stressed personnel perform better, are more efficient and productive, and absent less often. So it simply makes sense to invest in a 2 Hands Corporate Massage program for you and the team today.

Corporate massage has a Return on Investment (ROI) of $5.81 for every $1 spent.  Therefore corporate massage is a wise investment for large and small organisations alike. As employees are the most valuable assets in any organisation, a Two Hands Corporate Massage program is an ideal way to care for and reward those assets.

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Round Of Applause

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I received a round of applause recently when I left a company we provide regular corporate massage for. It’s great to receive genuine, fantastic and positive feedback. It affirms the fact that I  am doing a great job and genuinely helping clients.” Anna, 2 Hands Corporate Massage therapist.

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