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Corporate Massage Recognised as Improving Workplace Health

2 Hands Corporate Massage has long been advocating the benefits of corporate massage for reducing stress in the workplace. But now, more and more businesses are discovering the difference corporate massage can make to [...]

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7 Simple Ways to Help Stress in Our Daily Lives

Stress is a common attribute in our daily working lives but generally, most of the documentation regarding stress is negative. Stress is linked to health problems including high blood pressure, ulcers, insomnia, and anxiety. If we manage [...]

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Wellness Programs at Work Offer a Great Return on Investment

Good work is good for you. Strong evidence suggests that positive employee health and wellbeing boosts overall organisational health. Happy, healthy employees equates to a healthy workforce which in turn means a healthy business [...]

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Workplace Seated Massage Keeps Costs Low but Spirits High

Seated MassageWith the economy struggling, and many businesses closing their doors forever, some companies are still treating their employees well. They’re doing it cheaply, in the office by hiring a corporate massage company to perform seated massage on their employees.“The [...]

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Top 10 Superfoods (and 1 superdrink) & what makes them so special.

The term super foods has certainly been bandied around a lot, but what makes a food a superfood? Superfoods are nutrient dense, mostly whole foods that are packed full of  antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins & [...]

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The Benefits of Workplace Massage.

The benefits of workplace massage treatments are many, for both employer and employee. All companies big and small reap the rewards of both short and long term effects of implementing a workplace massage programBenefits of Workplace MassageA regular workplace massage program is [...]

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