Corporate Massage

The History of Massage and the advent of Workplace Massage

The origins of massage can be traced back over 3000 years to Ancient China. The Chinese found specific points throughout the body that responded well to specific types of pressure and touch. Simple but effective routines were developed that balanced the body, mind and spirit, maintaining health and preventing illness.


One of the basic models of Chinese philosophy is the element of Qi (pronounced chi, meaning life force.) The Chinese believe this life force circulates throughout the body along channels called meridians.


If Qi force flows freely the body functions in harmony. However if Qi is blocked or it stagnates, the result is pain, congestion and disease. Applying pressure along the meridian points restores the flow of Qi encouraging the body to heal itself. Blockages dissipate, pain and stiffness is released, and balance is restored.


Stimulating the bodies’ natural healing mechanism causes immediate changes including the relaxation of tight and spasming muscles and tendons, a calming of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, reduced stress and tension and an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.


Two Hands Corporate Massage incorporates the Chinese principles and philosophies of traditional shiatsu and trigger point therapy into a 21st Century corporate massage. Workplace massages are a terrific blend of traditional techniques and modern technology to create the perfect short yet effective treatment specific for the corporate arena.


The combination of traditional and current methods packaged into a fabulous 2Hands workplace massage program is the ultimate wellness program for modern corporate Australia.


ancient chinese pic showing meridians and points