Corporate Massage

2 Hands Corporate Massage Australia

Two Hands Corporate Massage provides short yet effective corporate massages across all major cities Australia wide. With fully qualified therapists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth and Adelaide, its never been easier to refresh, reward rejuvenate and relax a companies most valuable asset - employees.

Personnel remain fully clothed and receive their 15 minute shiatsu and trigger point therapy treatment on an ergonomic chair. Treatments focus on the back, neck and shoulders, areas that predominantly experience pain and stiffness. Our specialised treatments focus on all shiatsu and trigger points along the trapezius, rotator cuff (shoulders) rhomboids (shoulder blade) spine and occiput (neck). the sessions are long enough to bring on a relaxation response, diminish pain, tension and stress, but short and succinct so as not to encroach on work time.

Mini breaks throughout the day improve productivity and motivation rather than hinder work progress. Refreshed, stress free staff perform better. There is a reason big business like Google and Microsoft invest thousands on corporate wellness programs. The results show time and again the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Statistics show improved productivity and morale, less WorkSafe related claims and lower absenteeism when an ongoing corporate massage program is implemented.

The Two Hands Wellness Program is very successful in large and small businesses across Corporate Australia. The world is getting smaller as many businesses have offices across the country to cope with growing demand. 2 Hands has met the demand of our existing national clients by expanding our Melbourne base, firstly in Sydney and recently expanding to Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

We are adding a new wellness package to our repertoire. Watch this space and check back regularly to jump on board with our new secret weapon that is taking the US by storm.

Corporate Massage