Health benefits of workplace massage are categorised into individual, as well as and broad company benefits. Short term personal benefits include stress and tension relief, whilst longer term benefits include overall heath and wellness which can be felt across the whole organisation. Therefore a healthy and happy working environment is as important as individual health and wellness.

Health benefits of Workplace Massage can be grouped into two main categories – Individual and Broader Organisation Benefits.

Convince your boss to implement a Corporate Massage Program.Individual Benefits:

Reduces stress and tension

Improves energy and relaxed alertness.

Decreases blood pressure and pulse rate.

Enhances the ability to focus and concentrate.

Strengthens the immune system & stimulates the lymphatic system.

Increases circulation, oxygen and nutrition to cells, which in turn improves circulation to the brain.

The relaxation response can also improve sleeping patterns.

Massage sore muscles and joints, whilst also relieving muscle spasms and tension headaches.

Broader Benefits:

  • Happy employees are loyal, stay longer, perform better, and are more efficient and productive.
  • Employers will note a rise in productivity with more dynamic and focused personnel.
  • Workplace dynamics and office morale improves.
  • Sick days and Work Safe claims diminish, lowering health care costs.
  • Office appointments eliminate time otherwise spent on travelling for health care.

What do you think is more important? Individual or organisational health and wellness?

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