Top 10 Superfoods (and 1 superdrink) & what makes them so special.

The term super foods has certainly been bandied around a lot, but what makes a food a superfood? Superfoods are nutrient dense, mostly whole foods that are packed full of  antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins & [...]

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Should The Food Pyramid Be Tipped On It’s Head?

The healthy food pyramid has been a basic food principle for generations, suggesting we consume mostly grains, cereals, bread and pasta, whilst limiting fats and protein. Dairy, cheese and milk also rate highly. However, mounting research suggests the food pyramid should be tipped on its head!

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Do you have a love affair with Coffee? Your body doesn’t!

Many people have a love love relationship with coffee. Many agree that there is seductively good about drinking a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. However, our bodies’ don’t share the love affair. Too much coffee can create wired yet exhausted, jittery and anxious, sleep deprived beings.

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