7 Simple Ways to Help Stress in Our Daily Lives

Stress is a common attribute in our daily working lives but generally, most of the documentation regarding stress is negative. Stress is linked to health problems including high blood pressure, ulcers, insomnia, and anxiety. If we manage stress effectively, we can live well and be the best possible version of ourselves.

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Caffeine in Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee are the most popular drinks on earth besides water, consumed on a daily basis by billions of people worldwide. There is growing research to suggest both popular beverages have health and well-being benefits. While both help to keep us awake and rejuvenated, tea and coffee are vastly difference in their makeup and effects on the body. White and Green Tea are the clear winners in the health stakes as they are packed full of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that contribute in an incredibly positive manner to improve our overall health and wellness.

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13 Reasons to Stop (or cut back on) Caffeine

You are perhaps reading this because you or someone close to you is unwell, inflamed, hormonally imbalanced, nutritionally void, overworked, highly stressed, fatigued, depressed and/or toxic. Caffeine is not part of the healing process and the statistics and facts from numerous studies regarding coffee is quite compelling.

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