What is chair massage?

chair massage

Chair massage differs from corporate massage in that the sessions are conducted on a regular chair, rather than on our ergonomic chairs.

Both treatment styles have advantages and disadvantages, and whilst some situations are more suited to corporate massage on our ergonomic chairs, in other workplace environments, a massage in a regular chair is more favourable.

Chair massage is the perfect solution for call centre personnel who have to stay at workstations, or those really pressed for time, when a mini massage is the only thing that can be squeezed in.  Its also more suited for those well groomed and styled who don’t want hair, makeup, eyelashes or clothing to be affected.

And whilst receiving a massage on a regular chair is a great alternative and still very relaxing and therapeutic, it my humble opinion, you cannot beat our most popular service of a 15 minute seated massage on our ergonomic chair. You can really relax into the ergonomic chair and the therapist has access to your whole back, neck and shoulders, rather than just your upper back and neck.

But you shouldn’t take my word for it, perhaps run a poll at your place of work to see which is the most popular service.

Give your body a chance to relax and reset in a short period of time and trial one of our workplace massage services today.

When is chair massage more suitable?

  • Perfect for call centre staff or those that cannot leave their workstation.

  • Personnel who feel uncomfortable resting their face in the face crest.

  • Personnel who wear alot of makeup
  • People REALLY short on time and a mini massage is all they can fit in.

  • When shorter 5 or 10 minute sessions are prefereable

  • If staff members feel uncomfortable sitting on an ergonomic chair

  • Pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy as their baby bump may get in the way

chair massage