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2 Hands Corporate Massage has long been advocating the benefits of corporate massage for reducing stress in the workplace. But now, more and more businesses are discovering the difference corporate massage can make to workplace health and well-being.

Corporate Massage Recognised by Major Health Insurance Provider

A well-respected provider of corporate health insurance policies, Bupa Corporate , recently asked to feature us in a blog article they were writing about ways to improve employee health and well-being at work – it was wonderful to be recognised by a leading company whose business is solely concerned with health in the workplace.

Corporate massage is making its way steadily into the mainstream of workplace culture, and with good reason – as the article highlights, it has profound positive effects on the mental and physical well-being of your workforce. We’re delighted that workplace wellness is now a recognised and funded aspect of working life as it has  a positive impact on workplace culture.

Benefits for Your Employees

Corporate massage is an ideal way to decrease the stress levels of your employees. It lowers blood pressure and pulse rates, and also relieves tension in muscles and joints. Over time it can even improve sleeping patterns.

This results in your employees being more relaxed, which makes them more communicative and assists collaboration at work. They will also show improved concentration levels, productivity, and their job satisfaction will increase as a result of less tension in the workplace, fostering a friendlier and happier culture.

Benefits for You

Obviously, increased productivity is what every employer wants from their workforce and corporate massage can generate positive results in this area. But this isn’t the only benefit for employers. As massage is a preventative treatment, it takes care of underlying problems before they have the chance to escalate. These underlying issues that corporate massage targets  include muscle tension and workplace stress.

This results in employees taking less sick days and reduces WorkSafe claims. Therefore you spend less on healthcare costs, as well as reaping the benefits of a happier, more motivated workforce.

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