Corporate Massage Overview

Two Hands Corporate Massage treatments focus on muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. Employees with computer based roles can regularly experience pain and stiffness in these areas. Shiatsu, trigger point, and remedial massage techniques used by our fully qualified therapists can release stress and tension, producing relaxed yet alert participants.

Personnel remain fully clothed and receive their 15 minute seated massage on our ergonomic chairs. The sessions are long enough to induce the relaxation response, diminish pain, tension and stress. However they are also short and succinct, a perfect mini break.

Reward Your Most Valuable Asset – Employees.

Corporate massage is preventative medicine, which over time eliminates persistent pain, and improves general health and wellbeing.

Regular breaks throughout the day improve productivity and motivation rather than hinder work progress. Refreshed, stress free staff are happier and perform better. There is a reason big business like Google and Microsoft invest thousands on corporate wellness programs. The results show time and again the rewards far outweigh the cost. See more statistics here

Statistics show improved productivity and morale, less WorkSafe related claims and lower absenteeism when an ongoing corporate massage program is implemented. For a simple corporate massage overview, please click here

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