When searching for the best corporate massage company there are three important elements to consider. In 2000 when 2 hands was established, it was a visionary concept in Australia, with little competition. However, now there are dozens of corporate massage companies to choose from. So how do you choose the best corporate massage company for you and the team?

How to Choose The Best Corporate Massage Company?

  1. best corporate massage companyProfessionally Trained Therapists

Unfortunately all corporate massage companies are not created equal. Some companies use therapists without formal qualifications, without association membership or insurance. These therapists may be pleasant with a lovely touch. However the human body is complicated and can react and respond unexpectedly For inexperienced people, this can be a recipe for disaster.

One of our professionally trained therapists recently experienced a situation that required her expertise. Rebecca was at one of our regular client venues, completing her seated massage sessions as she does every week. During one of the sessions the participant blood pressure dropped dramatically and she fainted* whilst on the chair. As Rebecca is professionally trained and has a current First aid certificate, she knew to quickly place her into the recovery position and call an ambulance.

The participant revived quickly. On arrival the medics checked out the participant thoroughly. The medics concluded that as the participant was working extremely long hours (12+ hour shifts) and hadn’t eaten anything all day, she was exhausted and her blood sugar was low. When the participant relaxed on the chair, her blood sugar dropped lower causing her to  faint.

Thankfully Rebecca’s professional training and experience meant she kept her cool, and remained calm during the incident. I’m unsure what would have happened if an inexperienced therapist was working on the participant?

*Fainting is not common during corporate massage. Someone who faints can revive immediately (when placed in the recovery position) and most incidents are transient, occurring once and never again. There is more documentation here.

2. Cheapest is Not Necessarily The Best

When doing your research, you may find prices vary from company to company. 2 Hands Corporate Massage is not the cheapest corporate massage company around, but theres a reason for that. We use fully qualified, professional therapists and pay them more for their expertise. Quality simply costs a little extra.

3. Experience

In the corporate massage industry, experience certainly counts. 2 Hands Corporate Massage has been in operation for over 17 years. During that time we have seen the popularity of corporate massage explode. We know what works well and we specialise in that. We also use the best equipment, and an online booking system to make booking a session simple and easy.

If you want to reward and rejuvenated your staff today, book a treatment day with us. You wont be disappointed.