Workplace Wellbeing is a popular buzz word at the moment. With longer hours and less staff shouldering bigger workloads, wellness budgets are now popular in corporate Australia. And one of the most popular requests from employees regarding workplace wellness is implementing a corporate massage program. Convince your boss to implement a corporate massage program and in doing so, improve productivity & office morale, and ultimately the company bottom line.

1. Stress in the workplace is on the rise.

According to the 2013 Stress and well-being Survey conducted by the Australian Psychology Society, ‘In 2013 Australians reported significantly higher levels of stress, depressive and anxiety symptoms than in the previous two years -2011 and 2012.’ A great way to lessen workplace stress is with a 2 Hands stress busting massage program.

corporate massage - using elbows
2. Direct savings to the company.

Improve the bottom line of the company by reducing absenteeism, work safe claims and health related sick days  – especially by replacing ‘Mondayitis’ with “Massage Monday!”

3.Workplace of choice

Become a workplace of choice and improve productivity, motivation and office morale by showing staff the company cares about employee health and wellbeing.

4. Tax deductible.

A 2 Hands Corporate Massage Program is 100% tax-deductible if offered to all employees.

5. Reward

Gone are the days of a 9-5pm working week for many. It’s common for many personnel to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time often completing the workload two or even three people were doing a couple of years ago. REWARD hard-working and dedicated staff with a 15 minute massage.

6. Improve Productivity

Focused, dynamic personnel are more productive. Create relaxed yet energised staff. Seated massage increases circulation, oxygen and nutrition to the cells which in turn improves circulation to the brain.

7.  Attract and retain key employees.

Happy employees are loyal. Small yet significant perks speak volumes.

8. Improve the overall health of personnel.

Statistics show that offering a regular corporate massage program to personnel has a knock on effect elsewhere from improved sleeping patterns to healthier food choices, reduced coffee and soft drink consumption (drink water!!) and exercise.

Suzie Taylor is owner and director of 2 Hands Corporate Massage and is passionate about health and wellness, especially in the workplace. Her research comes from many articles published on the web and the statistics gained from 2 Hands massage surveys on their current companies that offer a regular corporate massage program. For more information go to the 2hands statistics page or call 1800333807

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Keep smiling :)