7 Simple Ways to Help Stress in Our Daily Lives

Stress is a common attribute in our daily working lives but generally, most of the documentation regarding stress is negative. Stress is linked to health problems including high blood pressure, ulcers, insomnia, and anxiety. If we manage stress effectively, we can live well and be the best possible version of ourselves.

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Workplace Massage Keeps Costs Low but Spirits High

With the economy struggling, and many businesses closing their doors forever, some companies are still treating their employees well. They’re doing it cheaply, in the office by hiring a corporate massage company to perform seated massage on their employees.

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How to Convince your Boss to Implement a Corporate Massage Program.

Workplace Wellbeing is a popular buzz word at the moment. With longer hours and less staff shouldering bigger workloads, wellness budgets are now popular in corporate Australia. And one of the most popular requests from employees regarding workplace wellness is implementing a corporate massage program.

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