The history of massage dates back 3000 years to Ancient China. The Chinese discovered numerous points throughout the body that respond well to pressure and touch. The creation of simple yet effective routines were developed to help balance body, mind and spirit. Apart from feeling great and relieving pressure, Chinese massage also focuses on the the health and life force of the body, or Qi

History of massage. 2 hands

Qi, pronounced chi, is a fundamental model of Chinese philosophy. The Chinese believe this life force circulates throughout the body, along channels called meridians. If Qi flows freely, the body functions in harmony. However, when Qi is blocked or becomes stagnant, the result is pain, congestion and ill health.

By using massage techniques and applying pressure along the meridian points, the flow of chi restores. The body returns to balance, and the body begins to repair and reset. Blockages and stagnation dissipates, and pain and stiffness eases.

A Two Hands Corporate Massage combines traditional Chinese shiatsu and trigger point therapy with modern relaxation and remedial massage techniques. Coupled with our comfortable, modern ergonomic chairs, we have created the perfect workplace treatments for you and your team.

The blend of ancient practises with modern equipment creates a perfect short yet effective workplace wellness program.

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