Good work is good for you. Strong evidence suggests that positive employee health and wellbeing boosts overall organisational health. Happy, healthy employees equates to a healthy workforce which in turn means a healthy business performance.

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ComCare Study

According to a recent Australian Government study conducted by Comcare, workplace health and wellbeing programs can significantly improve the health of employees. The same report also states that unhealthy workers are less productive. “Research on the relationship between health and productivity finds healthy workers are more productive at work than unhealthy workers. Healthy workers rate their work performance as much higher than unhealthy workers. They also and have far fewer short-term absences than their unhealthy c0-workers. The study also found that the healthiest employees are almost three times more effective than the least healthy. The healthiest employees work approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 effective hours per month by the least healthy.” Comcare report. Benefits to Business.

American Association of Health Nurses Study

Health and wellbeing programs also help to attract quality employees who value personal health and wellbeing. In a 2003 report from the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, 60% of employees surveyed regarded wellness programs as a good reason to remain with their employer.

Health and wellness programs have the potential to improve workplace culture and workplace health. These programs accomplish this by improving workplace morale and increasing the satisfaction level of employees.

US Library of Medicine Study

It is known fact that the global workforce is an aging one, and with aging, comes health complications. According to a recent article on Pub Med, The US National Library of Medicine  “Only 5-10% of all cancers are due to genetic defects, with the remaining 90-95% contributed by lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, alcohol intake, physical inactivity, obesity, UV radiation or Asbestos exposure, infections and environmental pollutants”

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

In Australia, most chronic diseases are associated with lifestyle-related risk factors including unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, alcohol and smoking. The incidence of smoking is decreasing, however according the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), other risk factors are on the rise.Work-related stress is becoming increasingly problematic in Australia, as evidenced by a 54% increase in mental stress claims in the Comcare scheme since 2006/07.

ComCare Report

According to research by the Federal Government through Comcare, a successful workplace health and wellness program will save an average of $5.81 for every $1 invested.

These statistics suggests most ill health is avoidable and completely preventable with a few lifestyle modifications.

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