What is chair massage?

So what is chair massage and is it different to corporate massage, workplace massage, seated massage and office massage. Or are they one and the same? We hope to answer these questions and more so read on.

Workplace massage, corporate massage, onsite massage, seated massage and chair massage are all terms that can be interchanged. They collectively explain the concept of massage for teams of people, rather than individual massage.

Therapists arrive at pre-booked locations to perform short 15 minute seated massages on personnel. Clothes remain on and no oils or lotion is used.

Conversely, individual massage is generally 30 minutes or an hour in duration, is mostly conducted on a table, clothes are generally removed, and oil is applied to the skin to create flow.

Workplace massage, or corporate massage can also be referred to as chair massage, which differentiates it from the traditional ‘table massage’.

But sometimes the term chair massages can mean different things. Some companies do refer to our 15 minute corporate massages as one and the same although we tend to categorise differently.

What is the difference between chair massage and corporate massage?

event massage, corporate massage

We call our most popular service ‘corporate massage’ which are predominately 15 minute seated massages on our ergonomic chairs. We call ‘chair massage’ neck and shoulder massages conducted on regular chairs, not on our ergonomic chairs. Chair massages are very popular for call centre personnel or those who find it difficult to leave their workstation. It’s also suitable for those short on time as chair massages are generally short, mini massages 5 or 10 minutes in duration.

However many people interchange these two terms as this type of massage is conducted on a chair, not a table.

To confuse things even further, corporate massage is not just for corporates. Corporate massage merely explains a mobile massage service whereby therapists come to offices. They bring equipment to complete 15 minute (or so) sessions. Participants are teams of people, whole floors of people, or whole companies and departments of people.

To conclude, all massage terms to describe something other than table massage can be interchanged to describe corporate massage on a chair. The chair can be an ergonomic one specifically designed for seated massage. Or it can be a regular chair in a meeting room, or a regular workstation chair.

If you want to create a corporate massage work perk for your team, we can create a package to suit your requirement. Not sure what your requirements are or what option will suit your team the best? Simply call us and we can work together to build a program to suit.