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Questions and Queries

What is the difference between corporate massage and chair massage?2022-11-22T09:14:10+11:00

workplace massage shutterstock imageCorporate massage is our most popular service whereby companies book a meeting room or a quiet space where we can set up ergonomic massage chair. Sessions take place away from workstations and are conducted on our ergonomic massage chairs. Chair massage can take place at workstations, or away from desks. Personnel sit in regular chairs and receive their massage. generally chair massages are ‘mini’ 5 or 10 minute treatments and focus on the neck and shoulders

Is corporate massage just for corporates?2022-11-22T09:14:04+11:00

Northern health HospitalOur main clientele used to be law-firms and banks in the CBD, however since Covid-19, we are increasingly booked to take care of hospitals staff, aged care personnel, and teachers at schools and universities. So no, we’re not just for corporates, all workplaces can enjoy and benefit from our services.

What is involved?2022-11-22T09:13:57+11:00

The great thing about our services is that clothes don’t need to be removed, which makes receiving a treatment suitable in most workplace environments. Simply book a session day for your team, select a suitable session time using our online booking portal, receive a reminder the day of the treatment and simply show up to the allocated location to receive your 15 minute massage. Loosen your tie, perhaps remove a jacket, and sink into our chair. Breathe, relax and be transported to a place of wellbeing, a refreshing reset.

Where do sessions take place2022-11-22T09:13:51+11:00

We can perform sessions anywhere. Event massages work well at golf or promotional days, whilst corporate massage is suited to the office environment, and chair massage is perfect for a call centre environment.

Who is it for?2022-11-22T09:13:21+11:00

Workplace massage, whether it is corporate massage or chair massage is for teams of personnel. All you need is a minimum or 6 people and some office space to participate in our program.

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Some of our recent clients:

Workplace wellbeing, Covid-19 and returning to the office

Returning to the workplace

wellbeing at work

With personnel finally returning to the office, and the CBD becoming a hive of activity once more, now is the perfect time to implement a workplace wellbeing program.

It’s an inexpensive but hugely beneficial way to strengthen corporate culture, reward personnel and and show appreciation.

Office massage is a great return on investment, shown to improve productivity, workplace morale, and enhance overall wellbeing.

Email to receive a massage quotation for your team today.

Mission Statement

The mission at 2 Hands is to take care of your companies most valuable asset – Personnel. Our core objective is focused on Workplace Wellbeing and Prevention to improve productivity, mitigate injuries and enhance health and wellness, not just for individuals, but the company as a whole.

Since the pandemic, the way we work has forever changed. Flexible work roles, wellbeing, community and supporting each other is more important than ever. Whatever your Workplace wellbeing goals – whether it’s to entice employees back into the office, to relax and reward personnel, or simply establish great wellbeing practices at work, our professional team is leading the way forward in Workplace Wellness.

Call or email for a massage quotation for our most popular workplace services – corporate massage, chair massage, or event massage

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Google Reviews and testimonials

Thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful experience we received during the massages. Feedback was extremely positive regarding the massages received, being informative and the friendliness of the workers.

Paula, IKEA
We organised for 2 Hands to come into our office to provide 10 minute massages to each of our staff members. Christine was our masseuse and she was great. It was a massive hit, everyone loved it and left work that day feeling happy, relaxed and re-energised! We plan to organise now on an ongoing basis. Can’t recommend enough!
Lauren, Magic
Katherine has been providing massages to our Melbourne office on a fortnightly basis for the past year and she has been incredible! It is a delight to have her in the office and we couldn’t be happier with her service.
Joshua, Zerocap

I wanted to extend a warm thanks to you and your team, Katherine, Yana and Anna on behalf of myself and MLC staff for the wonderful service you provided not only Thursday, but in the lead up to this event. It was such a nice little perk for all our staff who were extremely grateful and complimentary of all three ladies. 

Katrina, MLC

On behalf of myself and the team at RMIT School of Science, we would like to say a very big thank you. 2 Hands staff are beyond amazing and super talented.  I have had nothing but glowing reports from my team members, both in Bundoora & City campus. I had countless relaxed team members blissfully walking into my office to say how incredible Katherine is, not only is she super talented; but she is a beautiful person. I also had glowing reports from our Bundoora staff, many of them kindly offering to backfill any spare appointments (they wished we had). It was the perfect end to 2019.

Jacqui, RMIT

Yana was amazing, very attentive and asked what you wanted. She was able to change pressure as needed. Everyone came out of the session with a huge, relaxed smile on their face. Thank you Suzie for organising it!

Steph, Samsung

Very professional service. Yana had a wonderful and calming presence which really added to the experience. The whole team felt relaxed and rejuvenated! Would highly recommend.

Jessica, QLSA

Two Hands provided a great service for our staff reward. We had a half hour massage which made it really worthwhile. Staff really felt the benefit. This is the second time we have used Two Hands and we will be calling on them again. Great idea for a staff reward

Angela, JPH Group

My 30 min seated massage was fabulous. Right amount of pressure… never long enough. :)

Kylie, KDC Team

Always professional, friendly and most importantly a fantastic massage.

Charli, BWRM

“It’s amazing what difference a 15 min massage can make in relieving tension from sitting at a desk all day. I have had 3 different therapists over the years and all have been professional and attentive to my requirements. I look forward to my massage every week”.

Jane, Vertus

We used 2 Hands Corporate Massage for our staff of 12 for a 15min massage each. Easy to organise. Fantastic value. Our therapist, Erika, altered each massage to suit the recipient. I have no hesitation in recommending 2 Hands Corporate Massage.

Sharon, Certus

Suzie and the team were great. Very professional, on time and everyone loved the massage.

Amani, PKR&W

“We have been using Two Hands for our staff massage for over 10 years and have found their therapists to be reliable and very skilled. They are very attentive to individual needs and our staff look forward to starting off their working week with a visit from their therapist”.

Melanie, The Body Shop

“This was the first time I have had a professional massage and it blew my mind.  It was fantastic.  Amazing.  Charlotte had the uncanny knack of being able to make the 15 minute session seem like 30!. I feel lightened, lengthened and loosened.”

Tracey, Methven

“Thank you Melissa from 2 Hands Corporate Massage, we all thoroughly enjoyed our massage morning and everyone commented on what a great job you did. We all felt totally relaxed and re-energised and looking forward to next month. Thanks Again”

Greg, EVGP Team

I booked in 15 minute massages for all our staff and everyone had a wonderful time. It was an amazing price, a great experience and Yana was wonderful. I could not recommend 2 Hands Corporate more. We will definitely look at using them again in the future.

Alycia, Victoria Law Foundation

About 2 Hands Corporate Massage

We have been involved in the the workplace wellness industry for over 22 years. With experience we have determined what works well, and what doesn’t, and can recommend the best fit for you and your team. As innovators and risk takers we established one of the first Corporate Massage Companies in Melbourne. Unquestionably, age and experience is a great asset in this industry.

Our core values have always been about improving productivity and office morale, and the importance of prevention. And more recently, we have delved deeper into the fundamentals of Ergonomics. Further studies in workplace ergonomics enables us to proudly add ergonomic assessments to our portfolio of specialties. So for expert services in Workplace wellness, corporate massage and ergonomic assessments, send an enquiry today.

At 2 Hands Massage, we provide something special, something to look after your business’ most valuable assets – your team members. Therefore  you can reward your most valuable assets by offering corporate massage in Melbourne or corporate massage in Sydney. Although you may not have run an office massage program at your workplace in the past, you wont regret implementing our Melbourne corporate massage program in the future. 

Not only are businesses experiencing challenges, but it is often employees that bear the brunt of these challenges. Furthermore, longer hours and more demanding workloads are the new norm.  However, incorporating a corporate massage in Melbourne or a corporate massage in Sydney as part of a workplace wellbeing initiative is an excellent way to reward your team. Therefore an appreciated, rewarded team is likely to be far happier and definitely more productive, boosting your bottom line.

Office massage or workplace massage has been shown to mitigate injuries and promote the overall health and wellbeing of individuals. But office massage is not just fantastic for the individual, the benefits also stretch far beyond those receiving the massage and enhance the productivity and performance of your organisation as well. Consequently, as our programs benefit the company as a whole as well as individuals, everybody wins. Especially now, given the havoc Covid has created, you should call us to find out more about corporate seated massage. Besides the most common term ‘corporate massage’ to describe workplace massage, it can also be referred to as office massage or seated massage too.

As part of our complete corporate massage service, we look at workplace wellbeing on many levels including mental and physical, company and personal. When you book one of our ergonomic assessments, we come and examine individual workstation set ups. Furthermore, these ergonomic assessments are conducted by our professional team. During these assessments, we analyse your desk and chair set up and how you use the spaces around you.

For many people, the idea of corporate massage is entirely new, so they may be wondering why it is something that they should consider, or more specifically, why use 2 Hands Massage? Firstly, our  office massages help to improve the morale, wellbeing and productivity of your team and consequently, productivity and profits increase too. Therefore you should book an office massage in Melbourne to improve all of these factors

With over 20 years’ experience in the workplace wellness space, we are regarded by many as risk-takers and innovators And with that experience we’ve seen works and what doesn’t, so you can trust that you are in good hands. Preventing injuries such as repetitive strain or just easing discomfort can reap real rewards for all parties. And as numerous workplace studies show, workplace ergonomics are beneficial, so this forms a vital part of our overall service as well.

For more information about our office massage, workplace massage or corporate seated massage, please get in touch. Firstly, please call us on 1800 333 807 so we can have a chat and find out your requirements. Secondly you can email [email protected]. Or thirdly, you can also contact us directly via our website. Our professional and experienced team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Round Of Applause

“I received a round of applause recently when I left a company we provide regular corporate massage for. It’s great to receive genuine, fantastic and positive feedback. This affirms the fact that I  am doing a great job and genuinely helping clients.”

Anna, 2 Hands Massage Therapist.

Why should you choose us for your corporate massage needs?


2 hands has been in operation for over 22 years and during trial and error, we know what works well. Furthermore, our clients agree that we are great at what we do. And for additional social proof, please read our google reviews here


If you want to talk to a real person, you can call us – we do answer the phone. However if we are in a meeting and can’t answer your call, we will get back to you ASAP. We can also tailor our different options to suit your needs.


Our therapists arrive on time, every time, and we use an online booking portal to ensure smooth and efficient online bookings. Consequently, this paperless method results in no admin for you.

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